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Vibration and Attraction
Manifesting abundance is not a secret, but it also isn't easy unless you can learn why you're blocking it...

...The upside is that once you remember to always, in your thoughts, words, emotions and actions, give the best to others, nothing will be denied to you, simply because you will no longer be blocking your own progress, and you will be having a new vibration of abundance hanging around you.  Now don't forget that you also count. Give yourself the best, and drop all judgment and criticism of yourself.  You cannot clearly create what you desire in your mind if your emotions contradict your thoughts.

...Your feelings indicate to you your vibration, and they predict what will come next, unless you change it before the manifestation that would normally follow occurs.

...Conditions do not exist as external, independent entities.  Conditions arise out of a state of being.  They do not cause a state of being.  They are effects, not causes. Unhappy conditions are created from an unhappy state, not vice versa.

(David Cameron Gikandi)


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